Frequently Asked Questions
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  • SMS Costs: the costs for a SMS differ widely. It is recommended to compare the published tariffs thoroughly. Depending on time-of-day, and whether the SMS stays within the network of one provider, one SMS costs for standard SIM-cards approx. 10-12 cent, for prepaid-cards up to 20 cent. However, there are special offers which cover up to 150 SMS per months at no additional cost, with a basis price of € 5.-- or less. These special offers of large providers (i.e. O2, VIAG-INTERKOM or else) change frequently and can be found on the provider's home pages. Another way is the sending of command-SMS via internet provider, at costs of approx. 5 cent per SMS. A big advantage of this mode is the more comfortable handling of SMS on your computer.
  • LED lighting codes:

When the device and the radio connection is working properly, the green LED flash every 2-3 seconds.

the radio connection is not ok or established , the green LED flashes once a second.
First check the antenna connector. If the radio is not reconnected within 300 Seconds (in the PC-Programmer value "radio receive problem=300“) , SMS-GUARD powers up again. To avoid this problems, the radio quality level (see "eq" in the manual) should not becomes lower than 10. With a better position of the antenna the quality level will rise.

If SMS-GUARD is unable to sent a SMS, because ie the prepaid card is empty (no asset on the account), the LED lits inverted.

A problem arised while the device is initialising. The displayed error-code is #6, this means the SIM-PIN (spi) is wrong and the SIM-card dennies the radio connection.

Both LEDs are permanent OFF. It may be a problem with the supply-voltage or the PC-Programmer is connected.

  • upi/spi lost: if you lost your User-Pin (upi) or the SIM-PIN (spi) you can read these values with the PC-Programmer from SMS-GUARD. Only the Alarmsystem AS-SG35s don't offer this direct way.You can delete the mobile number, and if you now create a new account with the deleted number, the upi has the default value.
  • PC-Programmer: the code programming (update) of a SMS-GUARD should not be interrupted. Therefore all energy-save- and sleep-options of your PC should be deactivated, also the sleep function of the harddisk and the monitor. For an acustic controlling of the programming-process, an tick is sent to the PC-speaker every 1-2 seconds. If the PC-Programmer was started and a SMS-GUARD was detected, you should see this screen:  
  • SMS Transfer Security: SMS is a nearly secure transfer medium, which has less  signal quality requirements than a voice connection. It does not matter if sender or receiver have no steady-state contact to the next cell (i.e. moving car). A contact of just a few seconds is sufficient to transfer or receive the SMS. Normally, a SMS needs a few seconds to proceed from the sender to the provider's signal computer and to be forwarded to the receiver. The SMS propagates through a number of computer systems, servers and data bases. In some very few cases, the reception of the SMS can be delayed (i.e. in internet portals), or be lost permanently. It very difficult to find out where such an event occurs. Until now, we could not observe the loss of a SMS simultaneously sent to multiple numbers. For security reasons, we recommend to sent ALARM-Messages always to multiple numbers, and always to verify the execution of a SMS command by checking the status information of the SMS-GUARD.
  • SMS Transfer to fixed line phones: several providers offer the service to automatically read a SMS - which has been sent to a special number - to a fixed line phone.
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