for your home
  • Do you want to monitor your home during your vacation?
  • Do you want to protect your property from vandalism?
  • Do you want to know a failure of the heating system before it is too late?
  • Do you want to know whether your vacation home is occupied?

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  • alarm system with logging of all events
  • mMotion detector, door- and window contacts
  • gas- and smoke detector
  • flood detector
  • frost protection
  • early detection of heating system failure
  • early detection of water heater ailure
  • 230V~ energy meter
  • 230V~ switched outlets, i.e. for pumps, watering, sauna
  • freezer supervision
  • temperature monitoring and fan switching
  •  hour meter
  •  one SMS-GUARD controls other SMS-GUARDs via SMS
  • power Outage detection


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            Keep an eye on your property